Whitening Teeth Dentist Dubai

STYLE' WHITE Home Teeth Whitening Kit, Dentist, Dubai

Being able to smile with confidence is important to our overall well-being and self-image. As we age, our teeth lose their brightness and may be stained by foods such as tea, coffee, red fruits and tobacco. 

STYLE' WHITE home teeth whitening kits is based on an exclusive formula of natural plant enzymes and bicarbonate of soda. The result is naturally brighter looking teeth, with a one-day treatment, which lasts up to three months.

Style' White works on teeth that are discoloured due to the consumption of coffee, wine, tea, red fruits, etc and tobacco and gives you back the natural brightness of your teeth.

The mint flavoured, whitening gel is formulated to act directly both on the tooth surface and through the enamel. It achieves a teeth whitening result of up to 5 shades brighter.

The comfortable mouth-shaped tray is made of flexible silicon and designed to apply the gel evenly to upper and lower teeth.

Both the mouth tray and LED light device are re-usable, meaning you only have to purchase the gel refill to have the complete treatment once again!

You can buy here (on-line) our Home Teeth Whitening Kit!