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Our Philosophy 

STYLE' WHITE is a Home Teeth Whitening range, made with 100% natural ingredients, including a kit, a refill, a refreshing pen and refreshing wipes.

STYLE' WHITE is a fabulous, French, fresh tasting, natural home teeth whitening kit, comprising reusable mouth tray and 5 light LED light activator plus gel.

The gel contains 100% natural ingredients, with no peroxide or parabens, and is based on an exclusive formula of natural plant enzymes combined with natural bicarbonate of soda.

Bicarbonate of soda is used and recommended by dentists to remove dental discolorations. It releases natural oxygen to remove stains in the MOST gentle and effective way. The tooth surface is whitened and stains are removed. This natural ingredient also releases oxygen that kills harmful bacteria and supports gum health

STYLE'WHITE contains natural Aloe Vera and Chamomile that soothe gums and makes the whitening experience very comfortable without any teeth sensitivity.                              

It also contains natural Xylitol, which has been show to help fight tooth decay, and a tooth detergent derived from natural coconuts. This detergent breaks up teeth stains and remove them in a gentle, natural way using no harsh chemicals.

STYLE' WHITE has been developed by dentists to be safe, effective, fast and simple to use. With only 5 to 6 applications, the kit can visibly brighten your smile.

STYLE' WHITE gel refills are available and the range also includes a teeth pen, to refresh whiteness, and teeth wipes for greater dental hygiene.

The Birth of STYLE’ WHITE

STYLE’ WHITE has been marketing an assortment of revolutionary whitening products since 2011. In the face of the inaction of his co-workers trapped in the peroxide storm, he created in November 2011, with two partners, Christophe Sauvaget, a mass-market retailing specialist, and Emmanuel Itié, Sales and Production Director, a new company which establishes its headquarters in the heart of Paris, on the Champs-Élysées. Stéphane Bochenek anticipated the new regulation on peroxide. He met world renowned searcher that he convinced to develop a gel meeting the new requirements.

The three partners, pleased with this new formula, the first in this area, registered the patent in December 2012. The STYLE’ WHITE formula was born.

The purpose of STYLE’ WHITE’s products is to make your teeth whiter and remove stains on your teeth. All STYLE’ WHITE products are hydrogen peroxide-free, clinically tested and 100% safe. STYLE’ WHITE is available online, in our webshop and at your pharmacy. The products are easy to use at home.

STYLE’ WHITE was developed and is marketed worldwide by the manufacturer RSD Group, France.

 About RSD Groupe

RSD is a manufacturer of medical aids and cosmetic products and started in 2012. Our focus is on bringing out innovative, consumer friendly products that stand out because of their revolutionary application methods. It is our mission to bring out three new products and/or additions every year in order to stimulate our growth. Groupe RSD, owners of STYLE' WHITE, were on a mission to provide consumers with a simple to use, safe and effective home teeth whitening treatment. Following new European Directives hydrogen peroxide was effectively banned from home kits so, in their in-house laboratories in France, they concentrated their R&Don creating teeth whitening products with 100% natural ingredients as a substitute for both peroxide and sodium perborate.
Designed by dentists, in combination with Groupe RSD’s expertisein the oral hygiene and teeth whitening industry, STYLE' WHITE was born.

The daring enterprise obtained the distributors’ trust and, as from December 2013, won its place in a lot of supermarkets. Nowadays, STYLE’ WHITE is present in more than thousands stores and local pharmacies in Europe and in Middle East (U.A.E.).

A specialized product development team guarantees continual product innovation in line with the specific needs of the consumer.

All of our products strictly abide by the ADA and FDA rules and regulations (European regulations).