What Is Tooth Whitening at Home? Whitening Products.

What Is Tooth Whitening at Home? Whitening Products.

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Are your pearly whites decidedly grey? There's a bewildering choice of ways to brighten your smile without resorting to expensive dental surgery treatments. They certainly won't offer bleach-bright Hollywood results but do the trick if years of coffee and vin rouge have done their worst. Here's our choice of the simplest and most effective at-home tricks and treatments for a glowing grin.

Back in the day, at-home tooth whitening kits were bad. Really bad. They were tricky to use, painful, and in extreme cases even caused gum deterioration and dental weakening.

Thankfully, things have changed – and whilst it’s still preferable to see a specialist (just ask your dentist for a recommendation) there are a handful of at-home products that really do the brightening business. Always check with your dentist before using any of these in case you have an underlying dental issue – and stick to the included guidelines and development times. Longer doesn’t = whiter – it just means more damage.


The quest for pearly white teeth is not a recent obsession. The ancient Greeks supposedly had a concoction they would drink for whiter teeth. In Europe during the Renaissance we can read of white teeth being a prized asset.

Even American history is riddled with stories of with presidents, actors, and wealthy businessmen buying teeth and paying quite a bit for advanced detail care! Why

Because white teeth signals youth, strength and health. Like it or not – these are qualities society elevates. You’ll close more sales, create stronger feelings of trust, and appear more attractive with a great smile. But how to get this white teeth smile without damaging your teeth?

STYLE’ WHITE Teeth Whitening Kit utilises a combination of natural botanical ingredients and bicarbonate of soda which work alongside the enzymes in your saliva to safely whiten teeth. Ingredients include peppermint oil, extracts of aloe vera pulp, pomegranate and chamomile, and along with the accelerating effect of the LED light, this results in a naturally effective whitening treatment.

STYLE’ WHITE’s innovation and USP is simple – giving teeth a natural whiteness. Its simple yet practical product range allows you to get a healthy and bright smile from the comfort of your own home. Developed by highly qualified and skilled dentists to be safe, effective, fast and simple, STYLE’ WHITE’s range not only visibly brightens your smile but is also great for oral hygiene. With 100% natural ingredients and no peroxide or parabens, STYLE’ WHITE is ideal for men and women.


In the privacy of your home, you can now whiten your teeth using the STYLE’ WHITE Home Teeth Whitening Kit! The new formula has enamel protection and a better flavor. All that is required, is an appointment with the dentist so impressions of your teeth can be taken to create two plastic trays, which are used to apply the bleaching gel on your teeth. These trays are worn according to a program designed specifically for your lifestyle, as you can either choose the STYLE’ WHITE! You will have a dazzling white smile in a few days.