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Teeth Whitening - Kits, Products, Gels, Systems in Dubai

Teeth whitening

Myths about teeth whitening

Teeth whitening, although it is a fairly common procedure and is easily available for dental treatments as well as for those, who decide to undertake teeth whitening at home using professional preparations, is not devoid of legends or myths. It is therefore worth verifying whether the information we receive from different sources about teeth whitening is true.

Myth 1: Teeth whitening always weakens the enamel

Teeth whitening is performed using whitening agents. Depending on the method chosen, they have a higher or lower concentration of active whitening agent. Like any intervention affecting the enamel structure, teeth whitening can also have negative effects. However, it is not true that this happens in every case. If the teeth whitening procedure is carried out properly, according to the manufacturer's recommendations, the risk of enamel damage and violation of its tissue is minimized.

Mit 2: One-time whitening is enough for an indefinite period

Teeth whitening is not a treatment that gives you an indefinite effect. Due to the high level of dental care and their constant contact with all kinds of food and even oral hygiene substances, the treatment should be repeated so that the effect is maintained. However, one should not do this very often. For safety reasons, at least 6 months of treatment intervals should be maintained.

Mit 3: If You decide to whiten your teeth, it is only at the dentist

Professional teeth whitening methods and home teeth whitening methods do not stand in opposition. Choosing this one particular depends on many different factors. Often individual. However, it is certain that in order to have a beautiful white smile, you can apply the method, which is easy on Your wallet and allows You to do without the treatment in a professional dentist office. The dental market today offers a wide range of excellent quality teeth whitening products. At home we can whiten teeth with strips, gels or overlays.

Mit 4: Hollywood star smile.

Teeth whitening products obviously brighten the color of the teeth. However, one should not expect the effect of snow-white smile. No method of teeth whitening can provide us with pure white color of teeth for one reason - the natural color of the teeth differs from gray blue to yellow brown. Bleaching agents remove firt of all the residues and stains on teeth enamel.