Facts and myths about teeth whitening, Teeth Whitening Kits Dubai

Facts and myths about teeth whitening, Teeth Whitening Kits Dubai

            More and more people are dreaming of a Hollywood smile that will give us confidence and make us feel more attractive. In today's article we will focus on facts and myths about teeth whitening.

Facts about teeth whitening

  1. Teeth whitening can be painful.

Unfortunately, it can happen that some people will be sensitive to teeth whitening, which causes pain. This is due to the contact of teeth with bleach substances. For a few days or even weeks the tooth can "react" to heat and cold. It is a good idea to use sensitive toothpaste.

  1. Before the bleaching it is recommended to remove the tartar.

Tartar is a habitat for bacteria and therefore is not subject to lightening. Prior to whitening, You shouldr emove the tartar from the dentition to bring the expected effect. Anyway, it is worth to remove the tartar once every six months because it may cause periodontitis and oral problems.

  1. After the teeth whitening You should follow a special diet.

To maintain the teeth whitening effect for a long time, it is advisable to follow the so-called "white diet". It involves consuming white, colorless foods such as kefir, natural yoghurt, rice, apples. If you want to keep a snow-white smile, we should stop smoking cigarettes as quickly as possible, and eat blueberry, beet or red wine.

Myths about tooth whitening

  1. The effects of teeth whitening are permanent.

The teeth whitening treatment should be repeated once in a while (not more often than once a half year), since bleaching does not eliminate the discoloration of the enamel. The effect largely depends on the method chosen and on individual habits. For example, a patient who does not smoke does not drink red wine and coffee has the chance to maintain the results of whitening for a long time. Noteworthy is the regular and appropriate oral hygiene - brushing after each meal, cleaning with dental floss and rinsing with special liquids.

  1. Teeth whitening is only possible in the dentist's office (Dubai).

This is not true, we can whiten our teeth at home using whitening strips. Remember, however, that the effects will not be as permanent as after bleaching at the dentist. The dentist uses a higher concentration of whitening agents, which, in turn, penetrate deeper into the structure of the tooth. As you may guess, the result is faster and more durable. Still, the cost of such a treatment is higher than the purchase of teeth whitening strips.

  1. Each kind of teeth can whiten.

However, teeth whitening is not possible every time and in case of each kind of teeth. Before undertaking the treatment (for example in Dubai), You should consult your dentist to make sure that all the teeth are cured, that you have no inflammation of the gums, or that the dentine is hypersensitive. In this case, you must first cure any ailments so that you can then undergo a whitening treatment.

Teeth whitening treatment is not recommended for children or pregnant women.

What do I need to know about teeth whitening?

What do I need to know about teeth whitening?

Each person has a different teeth colour. In many photos and movies of advertising you can see snow-white smiles of actors or models, but the whiteness portrayed in these materials is not a natural shade of your teeth. The teeth colour is an individual matter and depends on the degree of their mineralization. Many people do not realize that teeth whitening will not change the natural colour of your teeth, but brighten and remove unsightly discoloration.

Teeth whitening (with a tray, teeth whitening powder or other teeth whitening method) is not able to remove the discoloration of the enamel once and for all. At least for a while after the procedure you should keep the so-called "white diet" containing no tea or coffee, and take care of oral hygiene, to enjoy the effects of whitening for as long as possible. After each meal, the residues on the enamel can be removed with special teeth cleaning wipes or sticks.

White teeth for a high price? Not necessarily!

White teeth for a high price? Not necessarily!

As a result of smoking, drinking large amounts of coffee or even tea, the enamel undergoes less or more visible discolouration. This has quite a negative effect on our appearance, which is why many people wonder how to whiten their teeth.

Dentists agree that the largest group that decides to whiten their teeth are heavy smokers. Quite a large number of customers who want to lighten the enamel are also future brides. They wish to have a smile that will present beautifully and aesthetically against the wedding dress. However, often the biggest obstacle for the implementation of this treatment is its high price.

How to whiten your teeth in a cheaper way?

An alternative to teeth whitening in the dental office are products such as whitening toothpaste, teeth whitening powder or a number of devices (e.g. LED lamp for teeth whitening). But keep in mind to choose only the products of reliable manufacturers, that won’t do any harm to your teeth and gums.