Contraindications for teeth whitening (kit, gel, powder, white diet in Dubai)

Contraindications for teeth whitening (kit, gel, powder, white diet in Dubai)

White teeth are the dream of many people. Some of us have a slightly brighter bone thanks to the genome, and those who are not so fortunate enough, may opt for teeth whitening at home or with the help of a specialist. However, not everyone can benefit from a whitening treatment. I invite You to familiarize yourself with the contraindications for teeth whitening.

Pregnancy, chronic diseases, allergies

Pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding should not whiten their teeth. Substances and some devices used during whitening treatment affect the health of the future mother and the development of the fetus. Similarly, teeth whitening treatment should be avoided by persons who are allergic to certain components of the bleaching preparation, for example hydrogen peroxide. Persons with chronic diseases (epilepsy, Parkinson's disease) should also abandon the decision to whiten their teeth.

Teeth losses, hypersensitivity

            Persons who have untreated cavities should not whiten their teeth. For this reason, the dentist should check the dentition to see whether all the teeth are healed and whether there is no caries. The same applies in the case of temporary dental complaints such as inflammation of the gums, herpes. Teeth whitening treatment should be undertaken only after the wounds have healed. Persons with hypersensitivity of teeth should not decide on whitening because after the surgery the symptoms may worsen. Likewise, young people up to the age of 16 should wait with teeth whitening kit, gel, system (f. ex.) in Dubai, because the development of bone tissue is not yet complete.

White teeth - movie stars tricks or teeth whitening gel, powder in Dubai?

White teeth - movie stars tricks or teeth whitening gel, powder in Dubai?


We associate movie stars with red carpet, but also with amazing white teeth. How is it possible that, despite the many drinks and coffee eaten, their teeth remain pearly white for many hours? How is it possible that camera flashes can not show any imperfections? The answer is simple - actors, singers and celebrities benefit from the advice of the best dentists. What advice? Here are some tips provided by the most popular and respected American dentists or in Dubai.

Invest in buying an electric toothbrush

Not since today, it is evident that the electric toothbrush allows for much more effective cleaning of the teeth. It is the best way to remove plaque spots without any problems and allow you to enjoy a whiter smile. Therefore, when replacing the toothbrush, it is worth considering whether buying the electric one would not be the better idea.

Make friends with a banana peel

Banana is not only a tasty snack, but also a friend of white teeth. However, this time you should use a peel that naturally whitens your teeth. Do you like bananas? It might be worth a try? Use it before brushing your teeth. It is very simple - just rub your teeth with the inside of a banana peel and there you're done.

Vaseline is also good for teeth

Throughout the day, the teeth are exposed to contact with many kinds of food and drink that can ruin dreams of a pearl smile. Cosmetic Vaseline may be helpful. Just a little bit of Vaseline applied to the front of the teeth is enough to prevent the appearance of the stains of coffee or wine and to keep our smile perfect.

Straws - not only for children

You do not like Vaseline? There is another trick that will help you to avoid getting stained teeth associated with drunk drinks. Many movie stars drink drinks only by using a straw. This prevents the fluids from contacting our teeth and we do not have to worry about our white smile (try this KIT - Home Teeth Whitening Kit, Gel, Style White). Drinking wine by using a straw may seem a bit weird. But what will a man not do for beauty?

Good lipstick may help

This time the advice for ladies. Properly selected lipstick gives a pearly white smile. The most important here is the contrast, so to get the right results, you should use those in dark colors. Is that a good reason to buy another lipstick?

Take advantage of professional help

Very good results are obtained using specialized tooth whitening kits. Among them we find whitening strips, bleaching gels and other products that meet our expectations and preferences.They are easy to use and quickly make our teeth whiter. Do You want to have a movie star smile? Apply then the best whitening products.

Finally, it is worth noting that there is no substitute for regular visits to the dentist. Thanks to them not only will we enjoy a nice smile, but above all we will take care of our health. So let's focus on prevention, and it will not remain without effect on appearance. 

Whitening of dead teeth in Dubai! How? Teeth whitening gel, kit or coco powder?

Whitening of dead teeth in Dubai! How? Teeth whitening gel, kit or coco powder?

          We can talk about a dead tooth when a tooth pulp is dead. Unfortunately, even a cured tooth changes its color over time. It becomes blueish and most often coloristically different from the rest of the teeth. However there is a possibility of professional bleaching of the dead tooth in the dentist's office (f.ex. in Dubai).

  • How to whiten dead teeth?

            Before starting to bleach a dead tooth, take a X-ray picture of the tooth, so that the dentist (f.ex. in Dubai) can determine if the root canal treatment has brought about the expected effect and whether bleaching is possible. The next step is to open the crown of the tooth, where a special whitening agent is placed. In turn, the tooth opening is covered with the dressing until the end of the treatment. Whitening agent is replaced every few days until the desired shade is achieved. After the end of the procedure, the tooth is filled with a normal dental seal (with Home teeth whitening kit Style White).

            Most often the effects of bleaching of a dead tooth are satisfactory, but it may happen that it will be darker in some places. Whitening agent is unable to reach all corners, so some fragments may be slightly different in color.  Remember that the bleaching agent contains a substance such as urea peroxide or sodium perborate, which can cause a weakening of the crown. For this reason, the tooth becomes more susceptible to external damage. The tooth that is most often bleached is covered with fluoride, which will protect it from crushing or cracking. Unfortunately, despite tooth whitening (kit, gel, system, powder in Dubai), it may darken again over time and you will need to repeat the procedure.