Types of toothbrushes – which one to buy in Dubai?

Types of toothbrushes – which one to buy in Dubai?

Types of toothbrushes – which one to buy?

            Toothbrush is a basic item when we consider dental hygiene - there is no effective way to clean teeth as brushing. There are many types of brushes on store shelves. As the descriptions on the packaging say, "they are based on state-of-the-art systems and are made of revolutionary materials"; Every manufacturer promises that it is the toothbrush produced by his company that will clean the teeth most effectively - which one to choose? Ordinary or electric? With natural or synthetic bristles?

Manual toothbrushes (in Dubai)

Manual toothbrush is the most popular and cheapest type of toothbrush. It is worth to get a brush that has tufts of longer bristles, which improves cleaning efficiency, especially in interdental spaces. Another aspect is the rubber bands that smooth the teeth and polish them a little. In most models, there is a cleaner is attached to the back of the toothbrush. It is useful when cleaning the tongue is concerned, since the latter also contains harmful bacteria. Traditional brushes also differ in terms of ergonomics, length and quality of the bristles and hardness. Certainly the greatest advantage of a traditional toothbrush is its price and availability. If we are not sure about the correct technique of brushing our teeth, we can ask the dentist for advice.

Electric toothbrushes

Electric toothbrushes are becoming increasingly popular - they are more comfortable, practical and definitely more effective than traditional brushes. They not only clean Your teeth thoroughly, but also massage Your gums. Electric toothbrushes clean dental plaque more precisely because they do more rotational movements per minute than a human hand. In addition, the pressure sensor helps to provide optimum pressure on the tooth surface. Electric brushes have removable tips so you can buy one device and a few heads for each family member. This will effectively reduce costs and quality will be higher than in case of traditional brushes. Often, the electric toothbrush also has a built-in clock that tells us when to start cleaning another batch of teeth.

            Once you have decided to buy a suitable toothbrush, remember that it should be It should be decontaminated. The best way to do this is through soaking it in hydrogen peroxide for 15 minutes. Every 2-3 months replace the toothbrush because the fibers begin to bend and shred. As a result, the brush no longer cleans teeth with precision and accuracy. After washing your teeth, put the brush in the cup, with the hair up so it can dry.

            Remember that healthy teeth and proper oral hygiene are the conditions, which allow us to undergo a dental whitening procedure. White smile is certainly a dream of many people, but to carry it out, you must first care for the health of the dentition.

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Teeth Whitening Gel, Kit and Teeth Whitening Strips in Dubai

Teeth Whitening Gel, Kit and Teeth Whitening Strips in Dubai

Teeth Whitening Gel and Teeth Whitening Strips

            In recent years, teeth whitening has become a very popular dental treatment. White teeth look very attractive, aesthetically attractive and eye-catching. An impeccable smile is proof that You are looking after your own look and health. Unfortunately, sometimes teeth become discolored. The color of the teeth depends on many factors, such as food, age, and whether or not we smoke. There are many preparations on the market today that will help You to restore the ideal, white appearance of Your teeth.

Tooth whitening strips

            Recently, it has become very popular to whiten teeth using gels and strips, and importantly, these are simple ways to use at home. Whitening strips can brighten the teeth by up to 2-4 tons, and the effects are visible after 3 weeks. Strips include hydrogen peroxide, so that discoloration is effectively removed. The most popular on the market are flexible stripes soaked with bleaching gel. Strips should be glued to the upper and lower teeth 2 times a day for 20-25 minutes. It is worth remembering that the strips should be sticked to teeth beginning from the fourth to the sixth tooth rather than to the entire arch. After removing the straps, it is necessary to thoroughly rinse the mouth. Tooth whitening strips are 100% safe for the enamel and gums. Only in case of too frequent use of strips can hypersensitivity and gingival problems occur. Be sure to not brush your teeth before applying whitening strips. This may cause a burning sensation in the mouth.

Style White -Teeth Whitening Gel

            Another effective way to whiten your teeth is to use gels. These preparations are intended for painting teeth and, unfortunately, they do not always reach in all spaces between the teeth. Style White gel is used for overlay whitening. Previously, the dentist must take the impression to make a suitable overlay on the teeth. Then the dentist gives the patient a Style White gel that is applied alone at home. The overlay should be filled with gel and left this way overnight or for a few hours during the day. The overlay is so made that it does not cause discomfort in use. The process of teeth whitening usually takes about a week. However, it all depends on the individual preferences and the initial color of the teeth. The advantage of the Style White (Dubai) whitening gel is that the effects can be seen after first use. When using Style White, remember that crowns, veneers, seals will not be whitened. Most often after the whitening process, You need to fill the dental losses by choosing the color that matches the color of the teeth. It is worth remembering that during the treatment You may experience hypersensitivity to the teeth, which usually ceases after a few days. Research has shown that Style White gels (Dubai) not only whiten teeth, but can also contribute to remineralization of enamel and prevent cavities.

Teeth Whitening - Kits, Products, Gels, Systems in Dubai

Teeth Whitening - Kits, Products, Gels, Systems in Dubai

Teeth whitening

Myths about teeth whitening

Teeth whitening, although it is a fairly common procedure and is easily available for dental treatments as well as for those, who decide to undertake teeth whitening at home using professional preparations, is not devoid of legends or myths. It is therefore worth verifying whether the information we receive from different sources about teeth whitening is true.

Myth 1: Teeth whitening always weakens the enamel

Teeth whitening is performed using whitening agents. Depending on the method chosen, they have a higher or lower concentration of active whitening agent. Like any intervention affecting the enamel structure, teeth whitening can also have negative effects. However, it is not true that this happens in every case. If the teeth whitening procedure is carried out properly, according to the manufacturer's recommendations, the risk of enamel damage and violation of its tissue is minimized.

Mit 2: One-time whitening is enough for an indefinite period

Teeth whitening is not a treatment that gives you an indefinite effect. Due to the high level of dental care and their constant contact with all kinds of food and even oral hygiene substances, the treatment should be repeated so that the effect is maintained. However, one should not do this very often. For safety reasons, at least 6 months of treatment intervals should be maintained.

Mit 3: If You decide to whiten your teeth, it is only at the dentist

Professional teeth whitening methods and home teeth whitening methods do not stand in opposition. Choosing this one particular depends on many different factors. Often individual. However, it is certain that in order to have a beautiful white smile, you can apply the method, which is easy on Your wallet and allows You to do without the treatment in a professional dentist office. The dental market today offers a wide range of excellent quality teeth whitening products. At home we can whiten teeth with strips, gels or overlays.

Mit 4: Hollywood star smile.

Teeth whitening products obviously brighten the color of the teeth. However, one should not expect the effect of snow-white smile. No method of teeth whitening can provide us with pure white color of teeth for one reason - the natural color of the teeth differs from gray blue to yellow brown. Bleaching agents remove firt of all the residues and stains on teeth enamel.