Basic principles of oral hygiene - teeth whitening kit, gel, system, STYLE WHITE in Dubai

Basic principles of oral hygiene - teeth whitening kit, gel, system, STYLE WHITE in Dubai

In order to have a beautiful smile and white teeth, care should be taken to ensure proper oral hygiene. Tooth cleaning, teeth flossing, regular dental checkups at the dentist are just some of the treatments we should keep in mind.

Limit your consumption of sugars

It is also important to limit the consumption of sugar. It creates an environment conducive to the proliferation of bacteria - it changes the pH of the mouth, which over time can lead to damage  of the enamel and to the formation of caries. If we can not eliminate sugar from our diet, we should wash our teeth thoroughly after every meal or at least use chewing gum. Especially we should avoid products such as pulling, sticky jellies and candies, which may stick to the teeth - along with them there may appear also bacteria forming rash on the teeth, which then transforms into plaque. It is also good to eliminate from our diet sweet drinks, high processed products or white bread (you can check home teeth whitening kit Style White).

Change your toothbrush every few months

We should replace the toothbrush every 3-4 months. Its fibers begin to fray and bend, and thus make it difficult to thoroughly clean the teeth. In order not to hurt the gums, we should use a soft rounded-up artificial bristle brush. The best choice is the electric model, which cleans the teeth more precisely.

Beware of drugs and acids

To have white and healthy teeth, we should limit our consumption of coffee, tea, and tobacco, as they leave the stain on the teeth and cause discoloration. Particular attention should also be paid to acids. Immediately after eating acidic products, do not brush your teeth (teeth whitening kit, dentist in Dubai), it is better to rinse them with water, and after half an hour wash with a toothbrush. Acid softens the enamel, and intense brushing can lead to its destruction.

Proper oral hygiene

Teeth should be brushed regularly, ie 2-3 times a day, preferably after each meal. We will get rid of food, which  left over in the crevices of the teeth, can lead to tooth decay. The second most important treatment is the flossing of the teeth. This activity seems not to be difficult, and dental floss can be bought in a pharmacy or in a drugstore. At the very end we should remember to rinse the mouth with a special liquid. This will allow us to get rid of food residues in the interdental spaces and additionally protect the teeth with fluoride.

Mind the aesthetics

No one has to be convinced that regular visits to the dentist are a must in the fight for healthy teeth. Once we have cured the defects, we can think of aesthetics and decide on teeth whitening. A beautiful smile can be obtained in many ways. At home You can use tooth whitening strips that are soaked with a bleaching gel. Only after a few days will we notice the effects. Another option is to use whitening toothpastes (or teeth whitening gel, coco powder), but the ones of the low degree of abrasiveness. For better results, one should use the rinsing liquids containing whitening agent regularly. We can also go to the dentist in order to undertake professional teeth whitening treatment (like: Style White).

What do I need to know about teeth whitening?

What do I need to know about teeth whitening?

Each person has a different teeth colour. In many photos and movies of advertising you can see snow-white smiles of actors or models, but the whiteness portrayed in these materials is not a natural shade of your teeth. The teeth colour is an individual matter and depends on the degree of their mineralization. Many people do not realize that teeth whitening will not change the natural colour of your teeth, but brighten and remove unsightly discoloration.

Teeth whitening (with a tray, teeth whitening powder or other teeth whitening method) is not able to remove the discoloration of the enamel once and for all. At least for a while after the procedure you should keep the so-called "white diet" containing no tea or coffee, and take care of oral hygiene, to enjoy the effects of whitening for as long as possible. After each meal, the residues on the enamel can be removed with special teeth cleaning wipes or sticks.

White teeth for a high price? Not necessarily!

White teeth for a high price? Not necessarily!

As a result of smoking, drinking large amounts of coffee or even tea, the enamel undergoes less or more visible discolouration. This has quite a negative effect on our appearance, which is why many people wonder how to whiten their teeth.

Dentists agree that the largest group that decides to whiten their teeth are heavy smokers. Quite a large number of customers who want to lighten the enamel are also future brides. They wish to have a smile that will present beautifully and aesthetically against the wedding dress. However, often the biggest obstacle for the implementation of this treatment is its high price.

How to whiten your teeth in a cheaper way?

An alternative to teeth whitening in the dental office are products such as whitening toothpaste, teeth whitening powder or a number of devices (e.g. LED lamp for teeth whitening). But keep in mind to choose only the products of reliable manufacturers, that won’t do any harm to your teeth and gums.