How to whiten your teeth at home in Dubai? Teeth Whitening Kit, Gel, or Powder?

How to whiten your teeth at home in Dubai? Teeth Whitening Kit, Gel, or Powder?

The history of teeth whitening is almost as old as the history of mankind. The first references concerning treatments aimed at achieving a beautiful white smile were to be found in ancient Egypt. Such treatments were also popular in Ancient Rome.

The beautiful white smile used to be a sign of good health and the social status of its holder. It is also noteworthy that having the snow-white teeth also increases our attractiveness to the opposite sex. That is why for centuries people have been doing so much to make their teeth look their best. Can it be done at home? There are some good ways to try it.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil has become a hit in our kitchens recently. Many chefs emphasize its original taste and its beneficiary effect on our health. But this oil can also be used as a mouth care product and may be useful when whitening our teeth is concerned.

Its use is trivial. We can use coconut oil instead of toothpaste or prepare its solution, which can be used to rinse the teeth.

In addition to natural whitening we will also get healthier teeth. Studies have shown that regular use of coconut oil reduces the number of potential cavities. The additional advantage of this method is that coconut oil has bactericidal properties and provides fresh breath.

Soda and strawberries

It is a perfect combination of two ingredients that complementing each other can give a very good effect. Soda in addition to the obvious uses is also a very effective means by which we can get rid of tartar or plaque. Strawberries, on the contrary, contain a special enzyme called apple acid, which helps to fight teeth discoloration.

It's application is also very simple. Prepare a slice of strawberry and add a small amount of baking soda to it. The mixture thus prepared should be applied to the teeth surface and left for about two minutes.

Apple acid

Apple acid is another product that can be found in almost every home and which can be used to achieve a whitening effect. Just dilute vinegar with boiled water and use in this way prepared solution to rinse the mouth twice a day.

Vinegar also has a decontamination effect and by the use of it, we eliminate bacteria in the mouth and refresh the breath. The additional effect we can achieve by using it, is reduced susceptibility to seasonal colds.

Whitening strips and gels like Style White Teeth Whitening Kit

Really good results can be achieved using whitening strips or whitening gels. They contain substances that can restore our whiteness in a timely manner, as they have been prepared due to the  latest discoveries of dentistry.

In addition, whitening strips or gels often contain ingredients to protect the enamel, making them suitable for the teeth. The market offer is very wide, so it is easy to find a product that matches the desired effects or personal preferences.

Coffee, tea, wine

The use of whitening treatments is only part of what you should do to enjoy a pearly smile. Dentists emphasize that the whiteness of our teeth largely depends on our diet. It is therefore necessary to avoid products that can wipe out all the work we have put into achieving white teeth. The biggest enemies of white are beverages. If there is a large amount of coffee or tea in our daily menu, it surely would not remain indifferent to the condition of our mouth. You can try our mouth - Style White Home Teeth Whitening Kit in Dubai.